I just enjoy what I do and dream of your business's success.
Services Provided


Programming for me does not mean to be working. It's one of the pleasures of life. Being a talented engineer, who has worked on plenty of complex applications, I can assure you complete satisfaction in all stages of your project. All of my code is always well documented, it is easy to maintain or scale, and it's optimized for the growth of your business.

I cannot stress enough that my work is always a piece of engineering, and not just a bunch of scripts put together to get the job done as quickly as possible.

graphic/web design

When the design is done by a real artist, with real talent, in love with both art and technology, the end result is just total beauty. This is what is currently happening at Mirobit.

All design work is done following a process that ensures your total satisfaction. We design full websites, logos, banners, Facebook apps, and pretty much anything where Mirobit's artist has a bit of space to create beauty.

Online Marketing

For your business to crush your competitors, Mirobit also offers online marketing solutions.

This service includes giving your website or application a high rank in search engines, and more exposure in social networks, forums or blogs.

We have many tools to increase your website's traffic, and I have built some solutions of my own as well.

You should hire me if you want:

  • Things done the right way.
  • Top quality.
  • A great customer service.
  • Someone committed to your objectives.
  • Transparent communication at all times.